Coronavirus/ Covid 19

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Riverscape Counseling Therapy Session

As the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak continues to spread, many of you may have understandable concerns. We want to ease your fears and provide you with accurate and timely information .

NOTE: Counselors and MH Counselors are considered essential businesses and we are exempt from shut down.

- Counselors will still be providing Telehealth and distance counseling for those wanting or requesting it.

 Riverscape Counseling s is exempted under any Stay at Home or Lockdown orders as healthcare qualifies under an essential service. Many would argue it’s one of the most important essential services in a time like this. Therefore, we will continue to be open and available to our patients. Our Business Office staff will continue to support our offices behind the scenes , and as much as possible , as usual.

  • Masks will me worn  by all .

  • Patients and visitors will be screened for exposure to and symptoms consistent with the coronavirus upon scheduling an appointment and visiting the office by answering two questions:

    • Has the patient, caregiver or close household contact been directly or indirectly exposed to a person diagnosed with COVID-19?

    • Has the patient, caregiver or close household contact had a fever (confirmed or warm to touch) within the last 24 hours OR 

    • If the answer is yes to any of the questions, these patients will not be scheduled during the next 14 days. 

  • After checking in, all patients and caregivers are recommended to wait in the car or outside until it is time for your visit to begin.

  • We strongly recommend that each patient is accompanied by only ONE healthy caregiver when possible to reduce traffic in our waiting rooms and offices.

  • We will have extra masks on hand if you would like one as well as and hand sanitizer. 

  • Our Offices are nice and large and make for easy distancing

  • Telehealth is a welcome alternative

  • We are taking extra precautions and following not only the CDC guidelines with our care protocols , but also with our protocols for cleaning using disinfect with an EPA-registered household disinfectant.


Face Coverings 

Now Required

Face Coverings are now require for Parents or children over the age of two in order to enter our offices.

Face coverings can include a scarf , bandana, t-shirt, medical mask etc...